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White Wine Terms & Conditions

1) All persons (“Participants”) entering the National White Wine Day – The Consol Shop (An Ardagh Glass Packaging Company) Competition “Win one of 10 sets of white wine glasses” Promotion (“Promotion”) agrees that the Promotion rules, as set out in these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”), shall apply and are binding on them. 

2) These Terms and Conditions override any advertising collateral and are the final agreement between the Promoters and the Participants.

3) Ardagh Glass Packaging-Africa and The Digital Media Collective are collectively referred to as the “Promoters” in respect of the Promotion for purposes of these Terms and Conditions.

4) This Promotion is open to all persons of the age 18 years or older and resident in South Africa, excludingthe directors, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and the immediate families of the Promoters, Promoters’ advertising and promotion agencies, associated companies, outlet owners and staff.

    5) Competition Mechanics (How to enter):

    a) This Promotion commences 4 August 2023 and will run until 14 August 2023 and is subject to any early termination or extension thereof in the sole discretion of the Promoters, as contemplated in these Terms and Conditions.
    b) To enter the Promotion, the Participant must “Tell us 1 reason why white wine should be enjoyed in glass and tag their wine bestie”
    c) A winner will be selected via an electronic random draw on 15 August 2023. The winner will be notified via social media on 15 August 2023 and their name published for public consumption, on social media on 16 August 2023. The winner hereby consents to their name being so published on social media. Should the winner not so consent, their entry will be automatically voided, and a new winner will be drawn as provided for in these rules.
    d) The Promoter’s decision is final, and no negotiations or correspondence will be entered into.

    6) Prize:

    a) The winner will receive a set of white wine glasses.
    b) The prize includes delivery, within South Africa.
    c) The prize cannot be exchanged for an alternative prize or cash.
    d) The winner must be over 18 years of age.
    e) The Promoter reserves the right in their sole discretion, to replace the offer with one of equal or greater value, if this prize subsequently becomes unavailable.
    f) The winner of the competition to generate content in the form of images and their experience to be used and shared by Ardagh Glass Packaging -Africa on their social media platforms
    g) The winner of the competition to post images and content on their social media platforms to promote Ardagh Glass Packaging-Africa
    h) Prize needs to be redeemed before 17 August 2023 and is also subject to availability of stock.

    7) The Promoters will continuously monitor competition entries and Participant’s details. Any irregular behaviour, violation or attempted violation and/or suspicion of violation or irregular behaviour and/or non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions will result in immediate disqualification of the Participant.

    8) Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to, or must be understood to, unlawfully restrict, limit or avoid any rights or obligations created for either the Participant or the Promoters in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008 ("CPA"). 

    9) The Participant acknowledges that he/she has been given an appropriate opportunity to first read these Terms and Conditions and that he/she understands and accepts these Terms and Conditions.

    10) All Participants participate entirely at their own risk. By reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Participant gives consent to these risks and hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the Promoters, their directors, employees and agents, and all participating retailers of any and all liability pertaining to any damage, cost, injuries and losses of whatever nature sustained as a result of their participation in the Promotion and related events and activities, save where such damage, cost, injuries and losses are sustained as a result of the gross negligence or wilful misconduct of any of the Promoters.

    11) The Promoters, their directors, employees, agents and distributors, and all participating retailers accept no responsibility and they will not, in any circumstances, be liable to compensate the Participant, or accept any liability for: (a) any inability by the Participant to use the prize in part or at all; (b) the lack of quality or any other aspect of any service which is or should be provided at any venue(s) in relation to the prize; or (c) any personal loss or injury occurring at any venue(s) arising, directly or indirectly, out of the use of the prize.

    12) The Participant agrees to hold the Promoters harmless for any claim made against the Promoters or their respective affiliates by third parties due to the Participant’s breach of these Terms and Conditions.

    13) The Promoters reserve the right in their sole discretion, to terminate or extend the Promotion at any time and without notice, should a reasonable need to do so arise. In the event of such termination or extension, all Participants agree to waive (give up) any rights that they may have in terms of the Promotion and acknowledge that they will have no recourse against the Promoters, its advertising agencies, advisors, suppliers and nominated agents.

    14) The Promoters reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions at any time during the Promotion Period should a reasonable need arise, by posting such amended terms and conditions on the Ardagh Glass Packaging Website or the Ardagh Glass Packaging Facebook page. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

    15) Any Participant, in seeking to redeem and use the prize, agrees that they are bound by these Terms and Conditions. 

    16) The prizes will not be allocated if any of the entry procedures or any of these Terms and Conditions have not been adhered to. 

    17) The Promoters, their directors, employees, agents and distributors, are not responsible for any misrepresentation (whether written or verbal) in respect of any prize nor in respect of any warranties or undertakings given by any person other than the Promoters themselves. 

    18) The Promoters, their directors, employees, agents and distributors, have no responsibility for the administration of the venue(s) in relation to the prizes and will not accept any liability in relation to the quality, performance or availability of goods and/or services at such venues or related to the prizes.

    19) By entering this Promotion in accordance with its terms, Participants acknowledge that the Promotion will be managed in accordance with the provisions of the CPA. Qualifying Participants undertake to expeditiously do all things necessary to enable the Promoters to comply with their obligations under the CPA including, but not limited to providing such personal information as may be required in order to facilitate handing over the prize to the Participant. Should any qualifying Participant refuse or be unable to comply with this requirement, the Participant shall be deemed to have rejected the prize and a new winner shall be selected as provided for in these Terms and Conditions.


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